Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions -- Be Digital Be Smart


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions for our Go For riseyourbrand Digital Business.


How one can find my Business?

Your Business once registered on riseyourbrand can be searched on our website through our Search Feature. Your Business will also be available for search on (linked to riseyourbrand), few days once it is posted here.


What will happen after my Digital Visiting Card expires?

After your DVC expires, you may continue to be listed here. Our agency will contact you for the renewal. Kindly note that the renewal price is subject to change. Upon renewal, you may also request your agency to make changes in your listing (if required).


How do I edit my details in my Advertisement?

Contact your Agency to make required changes in your Ads. A small fee may be charged to make the required changes. We advice you to discuss the same in advance with the concerned agency.


I want a refund

We have a no refund Policy. Once you have paid for an advertisement, the amount is not refundable. However, we will be glad to address your issues. You may directly email us if you are not satisfied with our services. At riseyourbrand, customer satisfaction is our highest priority.